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Kerygma Blog

Alpha Commands

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 8:05 PM


Re-post of an earlier Arnion Ministries' blog post.


               Alpha Commands


                                                           For I delight in your commands because I love them.

                                                                                               Psalm 119:47

Praise the Lord, Beloved of God,


Have you ever heard the statement, “You learn when you teach”? As an educator, I know this is true. There is so much knowledge, data, and information out there! I need a classroom environment conducive to learning for my 6th grade students. We promote Best Behavior standards in our classroom. One strategy I have learned of looks at behavior commands: Alpha Commands versus Beta Commands. For our purposes, I will look at Alpha commands because that is what caught my eye. I saw some connections that I will share.

Alpha Commands

Uses a minimal number of words

Clear, concrete, specific

Offers a choice when possible

Reasonable amount of time for behavior to occur



When I read this I thought,” God gives US “Alpha Commands”! That makes sense, after all, He is the Alpha and the Omega, and everything in between. Bless God! Let me show you what I mean. Alpha Commands use a minimal number of words. Abba Father does that:

1 Peter 1:15 

But as the One Who called you is holy, you yourselves also be holy in all your conduct and manner of living.

Yes! I would say that is an alpha command for our behavior. Or how about this one for a minimal number of words:

I John 5:21

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.


That is short, sweet, and to the point. To obey it is to change some behaviors, for sure! Here are a few more:

Proverbs 4:23

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

Alpha commands, one and all, from the Spirit of God! And meant for our good. Moving on to the next category, Alpha Commands are clear concrete, and specific. Yes, they are:

Genesis 1:3

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

That scripture meets the criteria! God commanded and it was done. Period! Clear, concrete, and specific. What about this behavior changing Alpha Command:


Luke 12:29-32

29 And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 30 For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. 31 But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. 32 “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.


We are not to worry about life’s basics. Abba Father knows exactly what you and I need. Do you want to live out of the kingdom within you? These are clear, concrete commands. Alpha Commands! Seek the things of God first, seek His Kingdom. Abba specifically says He takes pleasure in giving us the Kingdom. I have said it before: Everything we need is in the Kingdom of God within us! God help us to receive that truth more profoundly! Amen. Of course, most of us think of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 when we connect Commandments with God. The ultimate alpha commands! But they are summed up so simply, so “clear, concrete, and specific” in the “Golden Command”:


Matthew 22:36 - 40

36"Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?" 37And he said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38This is the great and first commandment. 39And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets."


We are to love God spirit, soul, and body! It is so easy to love God! He is so wonderful, and faithful, and merciful, and beautiful, and good, and kind, and generous,….I could go on and on. So could you! The Ten Commandments are embedded in loving our neighbor as ourselves. Matthew 22:36-40 is an alpha command, par excellence! The fact is, God is the creator of alpha commands. There are many thoughts and strategies used in secular arenas that come straight out of the eternal principals of the Holy Bible. The Holy scriptures are full of godly wisdom to help us walk out our lives in such a way as to please our Father in heaven. That is why He commands “keep yourselves from idols” and to not put anything before Him. Let us “diligently keep” our hearts and make time to read the Bible daily! That leads me to another alpha command characteristic: It offers a choice when possible:

Deuteronomy 30:19 (The Message)

19-20 I call Heaven and Earth to witness against you today: I place before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose life so that you and your children will live. And love God, your God, listening obediently to him, firmly embracing him. Oh yes, he is life itself, a long life settled on the soil that God, your God, promised to give your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


God gives us a choices. We have free will to choose life or death, blessings or curses. “Choose life” says God, that the Abrahamic covenant blessings from which we are to partake come upon you. Love, embrace and obey God! That, too, is our choice:


Joshua 24:15

And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Choices Beloved! I am joining in with Joshua, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Those words are framed and hanging on my wall as I type! Obeying God’s commands leads to Deuteronomy 28: 1-14 “blessed coming out, and blessed coming in.” The choice is ours. I admit I wondered if this teaching was too “elementary” as Apostle Paul wrote. Even a baby Christian knows we are to obey God. Is this the “milk” of the Word and not the “meat” a mature Christian need? But that is just it! We think we already know that, “I have already heard that.” You have heard it, but are you doing it? The Bible says, “ Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know.” (I Cor. 8:1 -3). Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up and encourages one to grow up to his full stature in Christ Jesus. Only God knows it all! This is what He impressed upon me and so I share. I tell my students that it is sometimes the “easy” skills that trip them up. Why? Because they get careless, lax, skip steps. “Oh, yeah! I forgot to simplify the fraction.” We need to “simplify”, too. It’s been said, “God makes it easy, man makes it hard.” I have to believe there is a reason Abba has us looking at his “alpha commands” and is reminding us to obey them. If we love Him. Perhaps it is this last alpha command characteristic: Give a reasonable amount for behavior to occur.

Isaiah 55:6 (Amplified Bible)

Seek, inquire for, and require the Lord while He may be found [claiming Him by necessity and by right]; call upon Him while He is near

Now is the day of Salvation! (II Cor 6:2 ;Gen. 6:3), and God will not strive with man forever.


“But I am saved!”, you say. That is not what Father is speaking of today. It is the engrafted Word of God which is able to save our souls. Our souls: the seat of our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. And in turn our actions and creative words. The Word Abba is emphasizing today is “obey my commands.” Obey from a heart of love:

1 John 5:3

For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

To one who loves him keeping His commands is not troublesome, burdensome, or oppressive. You know, dear ones, God alone knows why He is stressing this point to us. I have come to know that we must love God the way he desires and needs to be loved! As we wrote earlier, love, obey and embrace Him. It is so simple and Abba Father is sharing His heart with us. There may even be an element of a warning! Let us take heed and “hear the conclusion of the whole matter” with one of my favorite passages of scripture ( emphasis mine):

Ecclesiastes 12:13 (Amplified Bible)

All has been heard; the end of the matter is: Fear God [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is] and keep His commandments, for this is the whole of man [the full, original purpose of his creation, the object of God's providence, the root of character, the foundation of all happiness, the adjustment to all inharmonious circumstances and conditions under the sun] and the whole [duty] for every man.



Prophetess Vickie Lee


Kissed With Peace

Posted on May 9, 2020 at 11:10 PM

Kissed With Peace

Prophetess Vickie Lee: Originally Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 10:23 PM


             Kissed With Peace

         Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness

                                                                     and peace have kissed each other.

                                                                                                                      Psalm 85:10

Praise the Lord, Beloved of God!

Abba Father was blessing me out of the Psalms this morning when this passage of scripture jumped out at me. Specifically, the phrase " Righteousness and peace have kissed each other." That phrase is a binary truth:Truths presented in pairs within the same verse or passage. Each component is designed to energize the other. There is exponential power latent within each truth that is released. But they must be released in the correct order and proportion. Notice the scripture reads "righteousness and peace", not "peace and righteousness". And that is what was quickened to me! It is about being "in right standing with God": righteousness! That is our position in Christ through faith in Him. It is no good thing we have done! It is a completed work of Jesus Christ, Sar Shalomn,The Prince of Peace. Out of our blood-bought, blood-washed relationship with God we then enter into peace. Peace with God, Jehovah-Shalomn, for He alone is our peace. Indeed, He is the "author of peace." There is synergy between righteousness and peace: They have kissed each other! There is just something about having a clear conscious toward God that allows one to tap into peace way down in your spirit! This morning I thought about how, though one may be in the middle of a storm, he or she can still have the peace that God gives. Peace that passes all understanding! Yes,that one may not have all her " i's " dotted or have all his " t's " crossed, but they are pressing toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ jesus. God is holy! And because she or he is "the righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus", that one can call forth peace. Oh, bless God! It is one of the fruit of one's born-again spirit. There is peace in the midst of the storm not because you are in the eye of the storm, but because you are the apple of God's eye! You are in right standing with God and that is paired with peace. That is the Word and God's Word is Truth! Even as I type, Abba would have us to look at the first clause of this scripture, the other binary truths: "mercy and truth". Jesus,The Way,the Truth, and The Life , came that we might come into relationship and sonship with Our Father in heaven. The truth IS, we have obtained the mercy of the Lord! All things are working together for the good, storm or not! Mercy and truth all yoked up together. Righteousness and peace in a holy kiss. It is a Divine Romance, bless God, and He wants us right in the midst! Beloved, in this world we will have tribulation. It is the nature of the beast: Literally! Be not deceived. But be of good cheer, Jesus has overcome the world! And that makes you an overcomer! Remember who you are, KNOW who you are in Christ Jesus! "He is kept in perfect peace,( 'shalomn-shalomn'), whose mind is stayed on You". Think on God! Be strengthened, be encouraged, and be empowered! Receive the POWER released in the Divine kiss of righteousness and peace. I am for peace! "Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.", belongs to us! (Romans 14:7). Seek them out as your inheritance. Hear what the Spirit is saying!


Psalm 85:8

Let me hear what God the LORD will speak,

for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints;

Heart peace be to you,

Shalomn, shalomn.

Prophetess Vickie Lee

The Mystery of a Moment

Posted on May 9, 2020 at 8:40 PM
The Mystery of a Moment





I recently heard an adage that intrigued me. "The mystery of a moment: It is small enough to ignore, but big enough to change the rest of your life." It is very true. Our lives are full of moments that “got away” or, because of choices made, can literally change our lives for better or worse. We are the ones who make the choices. I thought of the recent incident in Atlanta where that young man lost his life because of a poor choice made, that in a moment changed the key players lives forever: They are being charged with murder. That is an extreme example, but we are faced with moments of decisions that impact our lives all the time. As Christians, we know that our lives are not our own, we are bought with a price. Christ laid down His life for us, shed His blood for us that we might have life eternal. We cannot do what ever we want.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 

19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

Well, we CAN do what we want, but we must be ready to deal with the consequences. Learning to obey the leading of God by his Spirit, is to move in the moment. And in that moment your life is changed by bringing you closer and closer to the center of God’s perfect will for you. Here a little, there a little. God’s leading is so gentle, and can be easy to miss the moment. That is why I practice to try to obey his leading immediately. You should, too! I remember once, I was at a stop sign waiting the right of way to cross the intersection. I saw a car approaching from my right and I had the right of way. Halfway across the intersection I heard in my spirit,” She will not have time to stop”’ I did not try to analyze it, I put my foot on the brake and in that instant, that moment, the other car whizzed by right in front of me! As I watched them pass by, I saw that the lady in the car was in animated conversation with her passenger. She never slowed down, never seem to even see me. I know my life was spared that night, in that moment, because I did not ignore what I heard. By the by, I was on my way to an intercessory prayer meeting. Abba Father desires to lead and guide us moment by moment in this life. Apostle Paul admonishes us to be led of the Spirit as children and heirs of God (Romans 8). It is important to take a moment to get the mind of Christ before we embark on plans, large or small. Take a moment before you speak or act. Being impulsive has its place, but even that should be tempered by the leading of God. It can change the rest of your life,it is the mystery of a moment. My prayer for you is that you acknowledge God in everything that you do, moment by moment.

Bless you!

Prophetess Vickie Lee


P�??anim al P�??anim: Face To Face

Posted on May 9, 2020 at 8:05 PM

From an Older Arnion Ministries Blog post:


  "P’anim al P’anim"



Soul Peace, Beloved of God,



Earlier this week I caught the tail end of a Christian radio show in which the speaker said, “When we get to heaven we are going to have intimate fellowship with God.” I thought out loud,” Oh,that is for NOW!” Beloved, we are to live our lives in intimate fellowship with God, Our Father now. I do not know about you, but I need, must have intimacy with God THIS side of glory. When we get to heaven:


Revelation 21:4 (AMP)

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish (sorrow and mourning) nor grief nor pain any more, for the old conditions and the former order of things have passed away.


It is on earth NOW that we need to be more intimate than ever with Our Father in heaven. I am writing on this because Monday night in a time of prayer, I was in His Presence in such a way that I perceived myself as right in His face! It was very intimate and loving and He shared His heart on certain matters with me. It blessed me and others. Before you think the “in His face” statement is flaky, read on:

                                       John 14:23 (AMP)

Jesus answered, If a person [really] loves Me, he will keep My word [obey My teaching]; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home (abode, special dwelling place) with him.


Another version reads, “…….both of us will come in face-to-face fellowship with him. Yes ,we will make our special dwelling place with him. P’anim al P’anim, means "Face-to-Face" in Hebrew. Intimate, loving fellowship is Abba Father’s desire towards us. We do not have to wait until we “get to heaven”. It begins now for His church, for His “bride”. We are the Bride of Christ. Even in the natural, a bride is in love with her husband before the consummation on the wedding night. How much more the Lord’s Bride? What am I saying? I encourage you to pursue a “face-to-face” relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!  It speaks to maturity and love. Love for the Lord. If a person really loves me…” The Lord Jesus Christ said as we have noted above. We know He loved us first. A deep, mature, ”really” type love is face-to face in nature:


1 Corinthians 13:8-13 

8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.



Genuine intimate relationship with God is part of the perfecting of the Saints to whom I am set as a prophet to minister:

Ephesians 4:11-14

11And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

12For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

13Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

14That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;



Perfection comes, the imperfect disappears, Paul wrote. Childish ways versus the ways of one mature in the things of God, of one in relationship with God. It has become a cliché, but it is true Christianity is not religion, but relationship. We are to know fully, even as we are known. Heaven will be a continuation into eternity of sweet fellowship with God. God is relational, a God of Community even within Himself, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in One triune being. He desires closer relationship with you and me. Beloved, enjoy fellowship with God! P’anim al P’anim……..Face- to face.



In love and obedience,


Prophetess Vickie Lee


Perspective: See God!

Posted on May 8, 2020 at 11:45 PM



                See God!





            Spiritual blessing and favor be to you all and Heart peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!


Abba Father has impressed upon me to speak a word of encouragement to you today! I was in a professional growth meeting this week in which the speaker said, “What you look for is what you see, what you pay attention to is what you get.” “How true that is in things of the spirit, too”, I thought. Abba wants you to be reminded to keep your eyes on Him! Job told God in Chapter 42:5,I had heard of you only by the hearing of the ear, but now my spiritual eye sees you.” There has been a lot going on in the Body of Christ over the last few days. “Keep your focus and eyes on ME!” says God. He is the only Perfect One. Look for God daily and you will see and find Him. Do not take your eyes off God, and you will not be shaken, you will not lose your footing, you will not be tossed to and fro. This just speaks to the importance of your own personal relationship with the Lord! Yes, we follow our leaders as they follow Christ. But, it is because you know his voice from your own relationship with Christ Jesus that you will have a witness in your spirit concerning those set before you. And concerning what they minister to you. Pay attention to God! Give time to the study of his Word! You will get the guidance, direction, and leading you need to stay on the straight and narrow. We are all to live in the Spirit and be led by the Spirit. You may have to ask yourself some hard questions. Have I been overly reliant on “revelations” from others, (and that includes ME!), rather than hearing from God for myself? Have I been paying enough attention to Him to see and discern what he has been doing in my life, to follow his lead? Has godly vision compelled me to be obedient? God calls forth loyalty and obedient service. See God and obey! This word has transitioned from encouragement to exhortation. Lift up your heads, be sober and vigilant, and let us continue to pray one for another! We are clearly in an hour when much availing prayer is mandatory. It is my prayer, that like Job, your spiritual eyes, ‘”see God!” I pray for you as Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus,” That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. ( Eph. 1:17-18) Saints, see God!





Perspective, too, is so important, is it not? Recently, I glimpsed the mirror reflection of a very familiar room. I did a double take and just....looked at the reflected room. "That's very pretty", I thought. I had gotten used to the room and didn't always "see" it. I thought out loud, " Sometimes you have to see things from a different perspective in order to see it's beauty". Sometimes, beloved, we must look at things from a different angle, from another viewpoint. The perspective and viewpoint we are to have is God's. We have to ask, "How does God view this?" How is that done? By lining up situations, circumstances, events, and concerns WITH THE WORD OF God. In that reflection I saw, things that were on the left in the natural, were flipped and on the right in the reflection. It is the same many times in the spirit. "Right" is symbolic of power, right standing, authority, etc. There is a positive connotation. We give the right hand of fellowship, Christ is interceding for us at the right hand of God [Romans 8:34], and on that great day, we shall see Him “ sitting on the right hand of Power, ( the Almighty)and coming in the clouds of heaven. [Mark 14:62] What am I saying? The People of God are to look at things with the right point of view! For even when we look at difficult things with a Godly eye, we can see the " beauty " in it. How many times have you come out of a tough season understanding your faith had been built up, Godly character had been developed, and a testimony had come out of it? Beauty! The thing is, what was your perspective as you walked that thing out? The integrity, power, grace, peace ,and authority in which you traverse a mountain situation, is so very dependent on your right perspective. Luke 11:34 says," Your eye is the lamp of your body . When your eyes are good, your whole body is full of light." I believe that is individually and corporately. Walk in the light of the Word of God, shining out His Light on all that is within your view. That would be one having a right perspective. Amen.




Prophetess Vickie Lee



Examine Yourself, Consider Your ways: A Call to Holiness

Posted on May 8, 2020 at 10:00 PM


Originally posted October 2010

Examine Yourself, Consider Your ways:

                   A Call to Holiness




  But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;

                                                                                                                             1 Peter 1:15


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,


Abba Father has impressed upon me to share the word he gave me for the True Prophets Conference in Nashville this past weekend. As I told the saints at the conference it is a word for the Body of Christ universal. You are probably thinking, “ Who does she think she is?!? A word for the universal Body of Christ indeed!” You must remember it is not my word, but what Father gave me to share. I am declaring His heart to His people. In myself, I have nothing to say. It is my prayer that this word will cause you to do some reflection, and I feel that I am joining my voice with other prophetic voices speaking along the same lines, by the same spirit of God. The conference theme, “Where Are The True prophets of God?” is a question only God can answer. In the foundational scripture, I Kings 18:21, Elijah ask the Israelites, “How long will you waver,(limp, waver, hesitate), between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God follow him.” “Where Are The True Prophets of God?” is a good question that needs to be asked AND answered. As one man of God said,” There is a weight of responsibility on God’s people to correctly identify whom God has set before them and there is a choosing. “ If the Lord be God, follow him, but if Baal, follow Him.” A true prophetic voice is meant to establish a solid foundation for repentance and sanctification to God. The people of God need to be able to recognize when a genuine, authentic, God called, sent, and set true prophet has been raised up among them or has been sent to them. The foundation of the church is built upon the five-fold ascension ministry gifts of the apostle and the prophet. The enemy knows the critical importance of the foundation of The Church, and that is why he tries to shut down the prophetic voice by focusing on “false prophets” exclusively. To be sure we must be discerning in this area, but we cannot throw out the baby with the bath water. The emphasis on the “false”, paints everybody with the same brush. There are true prophets of God! I was reminded of an aspect of my prophetic ministry assignment: …” teach  my people the difference between the holy and the common or profane, and cause them to distinguish between the unclean and the clean. (Ezekiel 4:23) In our case, between the false and the true. Father God would have us consider two character traits in the context of the prophetic office holder. Because we are a prophetic people, however, we are ALL to examine ourselves in these same areas. In a sense we are all prophets when it comes to living right, knowing God’s Word and commandments, or speaking to someone who needs to hear and understand God’s ways. That does mean one is set in the OFFICE of the prophet or prophetess; but the whole church as a unit is called to be a prophet to the world, manifesting Christ’s ministry as the spokesman for God: at work, in the marketplace, at school, wherever there is a need. Now the question is personal! “Where ARE the true prophets of God?” Now we must turn the light on ourselves. We are distinguishing between the false and the true by looking at godly character for prophets and a prophetic people. Examine yourself, consider your ways: This is a call to holiness. Current events of even the past two or three weeks should help us to see why Abba would make this call. Again. It is to the Body of Christ universal. It is not a Black thing, it is not an Anglo thing, it is not a male thing or a female thing. It is a God thing and He is calling for genuine holiness! One character trait Father focused on was purity of heart. Matthew 5:8 reads .” Blessed are the pure in heart, ( those especially conditioned by the revelation of God’s grace), for they shall see God. Prophecy is a revelation gift, and revelation from God calls for purity of heart.

Psalm 24:3-4 

Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord?

Who may stand in his holy place?

The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,

who does not trust in an idol

or swear by a false god.

True prophets stand in the counsel of the Lord to see or hear his word. Having stood before God, he/she is sent to stand for God, before his people to speak his Word, and HIS word only. Father God then brought my attention to verse 10 of the same book and chapter:

Matthew 5:10  Amplified Bible 

   Blessed and happy and [a]enviably fortunate and [b]spiritually prosperous (in the state in which the born-again child of God enjoys and finds satisfaction in God's favor and salvation, regardless of his outward conditions) are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake (for being and doing right), for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!

Prophets and a prophetic people are to BE and DO right. We are to be righteous. He uses prophets as an example of how to walk that out because it is part and parcel of the prophetic call:



James 5:10-11   (The Message)

 Take the old prophets as your mentors. They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit, all the time honoring God. What a gift life is to those who stay the course! You've heard, of course, of Job's staying power, and you know how God brought it all together for him at the end. That's because God cares, cares right down to the last detail.

They honored God by walking in holiness as we are to do that we might see the kingdom of heaven. Jesus defines the Kingdom of heaven in The Parable of the Marriage Feast (Matt 22).To summarize, the King invited guest to the feast who repeatedly refused to come. The Bible says they paid no attention, were unconcerned and in fact they made light of the summons and call, treating it with contempt. They hurt and killed the king’s servants. They went off one to his field, another to his business. This defines a false prophet; the fields are white for harvesting but that one treats it as HIS field or church, HIS money making business venture, hurting the people of God. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. The parable reads the king became angry saying “The wedding feast is ready, but those invited are not worthy.” Do you see the parallels? There is a “summons” a call to the prophetic office or prophetic life, but is it being made light of it, treated it with contempt, is the high calling of God in Christ Jesus diminished or treated in a common way? Such people are deemed “unworthy” Where is the purity, the righteousness the holiness? This is a call to Holiness! Examine yourself, consider your ways. We are to walk worthily of the call:


Ephesians 4

1  I THEREFORE, the prisoner for the Lord, appeal to and beg you to walk (lead a life) worthy of the [divine] calling to which you have been called [with behavior that is a credit to the summons to God's service,

We are looking for true prophets of God. God’s prophets admonish direct, encourage, correct, intercede, teach, counsel, reprove and warn. In laying a foundation in the church, prophets call for purity of mind and soul in the people of God. God uses them and ministers through them to bring the people back to order, back to reality, back to obedience by setting standards. God does nothing unless He reveals his secret counsel to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). He warns his people through his prophets. This is a call, a charge to holiness! For ALL of us, prophets included!!

To complete the summary of The Parable of the Wedding Feast, other guest were invited the feast and as the king looked over the guest he noticed one who was not dressed correctly. “ Friend, how did you get in here without putting on the appropriate wedding garment?”, asked the king. He was speechless. He was taken out and thrown into utter darkness. (verse 12) The “friend” was called, sitting AT the Kings table, but he did not have on the white lined garments of a wedding guest. Someday the Bride of Christ, His church, will sup at the marriage Supper of the Lamb, clothed in fine linen clean and white. Abba is reiterating the symbolism today!

White lined is symbolic of HOLINESS:


Revelation 19:8 

She has been permitted to dress in fine (radiant) linen, dazzling and white--for the fine linen is (signifies, represents) the righteousness (the upright, just, and godly living, deeds, and conduct, and right standing with God) of the saints (God's holy people).

Examine yourself, consider your ways: This is a call to holiness.

We are a Kingdom people ordained to walk in power and authority. Some people think holiness comes from power, but you should know that power comes from holiness, His character and nature. Abba Father wants us to operate in power and demonstration and to live holy lives.

1 Peter 1:13-16

A Future in God

  So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that's coming when Jesus arrives. Don't lazily slip back into those old grooves of evil, doing just what you feel like doing. You didn't know any better then; you do now. As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God's life, a life energetic and blazing with holiness. God said, "I am holy; you be holy."

This is a call to holiness!



Prophetess Vickie Lee



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Prophetess Vickie Lee: Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 10:28 PM





The wind blows (breathes) where it wills; and though you hear its sound, yet you neither know where it comes from nor where it is going. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8



The wind of Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh blows as free, as unconstrained and unpredictable as a natural

wind. And just as one may sense where and when a natural wind is blowing by the rustle of the leaves of a tree

or a gentle breeze on one's face or the whistle-like sound of the wind, so it is in the Spirit. The people of God

should be able to discern the wind of Holy Spirit. But I hear Holy Spirit saying, "Stop trying to figure me out!"

There are some who actually try to control the Spirit of the living God, dictating how and when He moves! And

in so doing He is quenched, and even rebuked. I recently read a book in which theologian Clark H. Pinnock,

wrote," The church and it's leaders belong to the Spirit--the Spirit does not belong to them. They are subject

to the Spirit, who is not under their control. The Church is under the reign of the Spirit, not the reverse. Any

church that denies the Spirit freedom stands in danger of becoming a lifeless and self-glorifying church." I

do not mean that there is to be no order, for we know our God would have us do everything decently and in

order. I love the synergy between God's Holy Word and His precious Holy Spirit! We need both working

together because the letter kills, but the Spirit brings life! Abba desires that we work with Him, cooperate

with Him, by His Spirit. The convergence of God's Word and Spirit in the performance of His will. Glorious!

But there is a surrender that is lacking, and the lack is rooted in fear. We fear being "out of control". We feel

we must be in control but the Bible this:

Psalm 100:3

Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.



Bottom line, we have to have faith to surrender to the move of God! Beloved in being hesitant and, thereby, quenching Holy Spirit we short change ourselves. Have faith in God! "Don't you trust me", I hear Abba saying,"to do what is best for you?" The wind bloweth where it listeth, but it is not a whirlwind, a tornado or a hurricane. Oh, rest assured Holy Spirit is far more powerful than any natural wind! But the Divine Breath of God, by which, the Body of Christ so desperately needs to be literally inspired, is gentle. Holy Spirit is so gentle! And if one is not discerning of when He blows, one can miss Him. How is a sensitivity to Him developed? In one's own personal relationship with Him. As we surrender more fully individually, my God, when we come together corporately in adoration, in praise, in worship, there will be an awesome desire and recognition of when the wind of the Spirit is moving, blowing, manifesting! Are you "born of the spirit?" Then you are to be moved by His Spirit, you are to be led of His Spirit, and you are to walk in the Spirit. Dear ones, when we surrender and soar on the winds of Holy Spirit, quickened, anointed, and empowered by God, the gates of hell cannot prevail! We are talking about the Kingdom in action! Power! Allow Holy Spirit to breathe into you and to resuscitate you! Let us reverence Holy Spirit, not by trying to figure him out and "controlling" Him, but by surrendering to Him.

1 Corinthians 2:11

For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.


Prophetess Vickie Lee


Black Velvet Peace

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Black Velvet Peace

Prophetess Vickie Lee:  Originally Posted on Monday, February 09, 2015 12:35 AM





                             Black Velvet Peace



But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?   Matthew 6:30

There are assignments God has in which He will set his called servant(s) for a time or season. I used to ask God to set me, as a five-fold ascension ministry gift, "like a diamond on black velvet." A diamond on the backdrop of black velvet displays its beauty, cuts, reflected and refracted light, to the highest degree. That was and is my desire: That God be glorified through me in the highest degree, his plans and purposes for my life manifested. For all of us, that is the most meaningful outcome of our lives! Who does not want to live a life of meaning? Sometimes one may be concerned about being in God's perfect will. "Lord, am I doing what you would have me to do?" More importantly, there can be a contradiction between what God has shown us specifically about who we are in Him and where we are currently . He does not see us the way we see ourselves! He may say, 'You are RIGHT where I want you: My servant, my child, mature, making spiritual progress, chosen, called, blessed"...and on and on. "But, I do not 'feel' like that", we think. But what did GOD say? Get out of your temporal feelings! It does not matter what you feel. It is who you are and to Whom you belong! In and through Him we are to display the light of God, illuminated through and by the Word, to reflect his image in love, and all in the beauty of holiness. While it is not about our feelings in our humanity and flesh, I did have an experience with the Lord. This morning in prayer, I felt a velvety presence engulf me! I felt the softness of it. Comfortable. Smooth. It was so peaceful! Abba reminded me that the Christ-like reflection I desire is not possible except I be surrounded by, encased by, Jehovah-shalomn, the God of peace. When Abba surrounds us in his peace, we shine like a diamond set against black velvet. Clothed in the black velvet of the peace of God! While God knows how to set us where we need to be, it is not so much in a particular, place, church, ministry, or even office, as it is in Him. The setting is in Him!

Ephesians 2:6

And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

Yes, the setting is in the Prince of Peace, Sar Shalomn. He IS our peace and there is no spiritual brilliance apart from Him as the peace over our lives. We cannot get caught up in feelings about a thing or circumstance. Worry will not help anything.

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

Matthew 6:27

Many years ago I worked at a local hospital on the operator's board. When calls came in I would transfer them to various offices, nurses stations, and patient's rooms. When the other party picked up the line, I would say, "Transfer!", and put the call through to them. I strive to do God like that when worry tries to rear its ugly head. I "transfer" it to God! I roll it over on Him for He cares for me! No worries, but rather a Holy Ghost "call forward", if you will. For we ministers, that includes ministry concerns on every front. God is in control of ALL of that! I refuse to worry. You should, too. Let us experience the rest of God's all encompassing, velvet-lined peace. Keep it rolling..."Transfer!"

And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you,even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Matthew 6:28-29

Ah! The setting of the black velvet of peace to which we are called. This world needs God's peacemakers. Peace on earth, goodwill toward men flows out of the people of God. It is a mandate for us. We are his hands and feet, his change agents in the earth realm. That should be our aim: To be ambassadors of peace. It is a mantle upon us. And beneath the wings of that mantle blows the wind of the power of God! That is what gives us "lift' and it lifts up those around us! We have been empowered to change the atmosphere by our very Spirit-filled presence. It takes power to walk in the peace of God in a world so full of the noise of the prince of the air, Satan. That velvety mantle of peace with which the people of God are to be surrounded speaks to a weighty anointing. Real velvet is heavy! The anointing of God on a set apart life which is submitted to God comes with a cost. Are you willing to pay the price for the anointing? God's bright and shining light reflecting through us, draws people to whom we can introduce Christ and minister, in power and demonstration. Salvation, [deliverance, safety, preservation, soundness, healing, ease, protection, wholeness, victory, rescue, provision, and restoration], for souls! May the peace of God be upon your Christ-centered lives. Be clothed in His peace! Bless us to shine like diamonds on black velvet, oh God, the Lord! Shine through us!

Shalomnn - shalomn,

Prophetess Vickie Lee


A Ripple On The Water

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Originally Posted February 10, 2011






       A Ripple on the Water

                                                                                                                            Joel 3:18

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth out of the house of the LORD, and shall water the valley of Shittim.

Peace be to you, Beloved,

Abba summoned me to prayer this evening. It was clear He had something to share that I am, in turn, to share with you. As I communed with Him, I saw a drop of water, just one drop that caused a ripple to begin on the water in which it fell.“There’s a ripple on the water", I heard. A ripple is water agitated by a breeze: It is to stir up water into waves as by wind. The wind of the Holy Spirit is doing a shaking, a light agitation. He is so powerful all it takes is "one blast of His nostril”. Then Abba took me to Joel 3 and the 18th verse was quickened to me. This passage of scripture speaks of “new wine” dropping down: The flow is from the Kingdom of God. There has just been this emphasis on new wine and the fact that we are to tap more fully into the Kingdom of God! The people of God are to impact the world out of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, with His gifts and graces in operation. It is something he alone does, and so the ripple on the water is from Him. Still in all, we have to discern and be aware of the ripple, for it a “gentle agitation.” It speaks to knowing His voice, to being led of and walking in the Spirit. We have to respond to the ripple, and we have to desire it. “The hills shall flow with milk” the scripture says. This alludes to the promise land for the people of God, a place of abundance and blessing. Yes, we are to be blessed in the natural, but I think you know me well enough by now to know that is not my focus. All of that shall be added to us as we continue to seek the Kingdom of God. The abundance I write about is the blessings of the gospel, teaching blessings of the principals of God’s Word. To be founded on the Word, to believe it and do it is to be a Kingdom person! That is the “promised land.” All true believers are called those “who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” ( Hebrews 6:12). We are” heirs of the promise” (v.17) There are some promises in Joel 3:18 and I just shared one: Abundance. Another promise we can expect because of the ripple on the water is the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit as we praise God, for “Judah” means “May God be praised”. The praises of God’s people rippling and flowing together like tributaries, forming rivers of living water. How Abba desires the unity of such an act! Consistently! Why? Because it sets the atmosphere for the waters of life to flow. Holy Spirit desires to flow through his people! I do not think it is an accident that “waters” is symbolic for all of the nations of the earth. Have you ever noticed how powerfully God moves when "the nations," people of ancestry from every continent worship on one accord, in Spirit and in truth? Powerful! God is God of the nations, and such worship greatly pleases Him. We are one in the Spirit! What is the result of these rippling “streams” flowing together? Still another promise: The people of God, His “house” become a fountain, a source of satisfaction. The Presence of God, the rivers of living waters like a thirst-quenching, cool glass of water for dry and thirsty souls! Abba wants there to be a gushing and springing forth of living waters. Life! The life of God. We are to “drink abundantly” and thirst no more. Souls He sends are to find times of refreshing in the house of the Lord. Abba Father is saying something more and there is a reason He has caused there to be a ripple on the water. How can his house be a source of the waters of life if there is a dryness? For you see Shittim mentioned in this scripture was a very dry valley in Biblical times. Do not be offended. Even in the natural, I have read, if one waits until they are actually physically thirsty, one is already dehydrated. Water is needed before thirst sets in. There is a need for Holy Ghost hydration! The promise, and you know the word “Shall” throughout this passage means a promise, is that Abba wants to "water” us. That is what I believe I saw with the ripple on the water. That dry place is being moistened, even irrigated. I encourage you to take heed and drink heartily of the Spirit of God. Let us be so full of His Spirit that the exhilaration is akin to being drunk! Have you ever been “drunk” in the Spirit"? We need a “this is that” flow!

Acts 2:14-18

But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:

For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.

But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

God’s Spirit flowing to that degree is intoxicating , joyous, empowering, and contagious. “And it shall come to pass in that day”, our opening text says. That day is NOW. We are still in the days of the Acts of the person of Holy Spirit: This is That! There is a much needed ”ripple on the water”. God is stirring us up by the wind of the Ruach haKodesh, by the Divine breath of His precious Holy Spirit. Oh, yes! The flow is from the Kingdom of God. Water, soak and saturate the dry places with your Presence, Abba! Across the Body of Christ, we are thirsting for

"The Ripple Effect!"

Grace be with you,

Prophetess Vickie Lee

Jesus Wept

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Jesus Wept

Prophetess Vickie Lee:   Originally Posted on Friday, August 02, 2013 12:52 PM


Jesus Wept.

"But the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words."

John 11:26

Soul peace!

That is a peace that comes to you from God and God alone. It is tranquility of your desires, mind, feelings, emotions, and will. I know, I know, but the Bible says it is a peace that surpasses all understanding. We do not understand it, but the Lord does! Soul peace, Prophetess?!? If you only knew what I am experiencing in through here.....You do not "get it". It is not for me to "get". You have to know that the Lord "gets it". He can relate!

Hebrews 4:15

For we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to understand and sympathize and have a shared feeling with our weaknesses and infirmities and liability to the assaults of temptation, but One Who has been tempted in every respect as we are, yet without sinning.

Not only does He understand, He is actively doing something about it! Do you remember the story of Lazarus, Jesus' dear friend (John 11)? Lazarus had been ill and died.While Jesus was on the way to Lazarus' tomb, the shortest verse in the Bible says, "Jesus wept" (John 11:35). He sobbed and wailed aloud. He had seen the Jews including Lazarus' sisters, Martha and Mary crying, but their reasons for crying were different than Jesus's. When Jesus saw them crying the Bible says He was "deeply moved", He groaned in spirit and was troubled.(vs.33). In other words,He was stirred in His spirit! His groaning was to such a depth that the Jews said, "Look! He loved Lazarus very much."Jesus wept" does not mean silent tears trickling down his face. Jesus was in intercessory prayer as He walked toward Lazarus' grave! Yes, some thought He was mourning, "But some of them said, “Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man also have kept this man from dying?” They may not have been able to fully explain what they were witnessing, but they knew that the weightiness of what they were witnessing spoke to this being about more than just tears of sorrow. Sweet Jesus is moved with compassion toward us! He "gets it" and just as with Lazarus, He is willing and able to move on our behalf. Hebrews 7:25 says He lives to make intercession for us, to make petition to God and intercede with Him and intervene for us. Those of us who come to God through Him. Christ can do this forever! No matter what it is, Jesus paid it all. Back to Lazarus! John 11: 38 says "Jesus therefore again groaning in himself...You see, this is where Holy Spirit showed me Jesus was interceding in prayer. I could see Him with my spirit eyes and any true intercessor has been there. In deep intercession to where one is just groaning. It is scriptural, too!

Romans 8:26

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

Wordless groans! "Sighing repeatedly" one version of the Bible says. He was praying by the Spirit: In conversation with God. Jesus, Our Exemplar, even the incarnate Son of God did not get out ahead of God, but prayerfully moved forward to heal from death. Intercessory prayer is warfare and Holy Spirit is the source of any power we wield in prayer. Jesus' whole ministry,(as should be ours), was one that was led of and empowered by Holy Spirit. Jesus models for us that being led of the Spirit, being yielded to the Spirit moving when and where God directs, manifests the Kingdom. (John 5:19 )“Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing,because whatever the Father does the Son also do." Jesus was being led of the Spirit and He began to give direction as He did what He saw Father doing. "Roll away the stone." The Lord continued on in prayer (John 11: 41-42) So they took away the stone. And Jesus lifted up His eyes and said, Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. Yes, I know You always hear and listen to Me, but I have said this on account of and for the benefit of the people standing around, so that they may believe that You did send Me." Why would that make them believe? Jesus is praying aloud, in conversation with Abba Father in this prayer dialogue. He was helping them to see the connection. Jesus: Father,thank you for hearing me. Father: I always hear you! Jesus: 'Yes, I know you always hear and listen to me. These people need to know and believe that what is about to happen is as a direct result of our relationship. After all of that groaning,that intercession, the miraculous happened: Lazarus was raised from the dead! And it was because "Jesus wept". He brought it before Father in prayer.Yes, He continues to "weep", to intercede for us, with us, and, more importantly, through us.You need to know that Jesus understands every single, solitary thing you are going through. The good, the bad and the ugly. When you pray and are stirred and "moved in spirit" to wordless groans, you need to know that Father hears and understands you! Yes, Beloved, He "gets it". Remember that Holy Spirit helps our weakness and intercedes through us so that we are praying as we ought, a perfect prayer. And it is NOT always about US and our own issues. Intercession is a calling that includes all of us FOR all of us as the Spirit directs. Be available! Go deep! Be willing to "weep" in prayer. It is our principal weapon in opposing the powers of the enemy. I am convinced that when we take our eyes off of self to handle God's business, He handles OUR business. We deal with personal, domestic, and congregational attack through prayer; Warfare prayer, including worship. Pray, Beloved and expect the miraculous! Take it to the throne room, to the altar and leave it there. If you weep, you are in good company! Jesus wept.   Halleleujah!

Pray without ceasing!

Prophetess Vickie Lee



Three Dimensional Christians

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Three Dimensional Christians

Prophetess Vickie Lee  Originally  Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 10:21 PM



Three Dimensional Christians





Grace to you, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ,


Are you Kingdom minded? Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, Abba! On earth as it is in heaven. Beloved,if the Kingdom of God is going to manifest in the earth realm, it will manifest through we, His people. We are workers together WITH Him. Why, we are His very Body and the Kingdom of God is in us! There is another dimension in the Kingdom we need to bring to bear on earth. Frankly, it is long past time to stop preaching to the choir and to bring the Kingdom to the world: The lost and unsaved, the oppressed and sick, the back-slidden and prodigal. Our mindset has to expand to the degree that we see the whole wide world as our "congregation." Expect the supernatural! Everywhere! "The harvest is ripe" has never been more in effect. The Great Commission to " Go" is mandatory! ( Mark 16:15) I discern the push of it in the Spirit, for it brings God no pleasure that anyone should die in their sin.

Ezekiel 18:23

                  Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: and not that he should return from his ways, and live.



Souls are in the balance! Recently I learned the "3 D's" of evangelism. The Church is the ecclesia ~ "The called out ones". All Christians are "called" to evangelize. If you are saved and you belong to God , you have been given the ministry of reconciliation, (II Cor. 5: 17-19). "I do not know what my gifting is, what God wants me to do, what my ministry is", you may have said. Yes , you do! You are to reconcile man back to God. Evangelize! Evangelism is not just for the "Evangelist". Be encouraged, evangelism is simply introducing people to Jesus. The five-fold ascension ministry gift of the evangelist is equipped with particular spiritual gifts needed for His or her ministry/office. But, surely we can all tell someone else about the goodness of the Lord in our own lives! I want to share the "3 D's of evangelism: declare God's Truth, display God's love, and demonstrate God's power. Beloved, out of a heart of love speak the Truth to that one who needs God! God's Word is Truth: declare John 3:16 and its truth in YOUR life.Share your testimony! Acts of kindness is a way to display God's love and to tell others about God. Walk in love. And Abba has taught me, through trial and error, to take every opportunity to pray for people. Sometimes, I miss it! One has to develop a sensitivity to subtle request and volunteer, ( "May I pray for you?"), if a person does not outright request prayer. When we pray for others, we let God demonstrate Himself. God moves by His Spirit as the Spirit wills. We do not have to perform, just "declare, display, and demonstrate"! What does this have to do with being a "three dimensional Christian"? It is a play on words: Our "3D's" is not the same as what the world usually thinks of: namely "3-D movies" with their life-like characteristics. And yet there is a connection for the definition of 3-D has to do with 3 dimensions or aspects: length, width,depth/height. As we Saints come to comprehend what is the breadth and length and height and depth and come to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, we are filled with the fullness of God! We move into deeper insight and a full-orbed Christ-likeness and perspective on the Kingdom of God. And we just have to "declare,display, and demonstrate" it to others! Three Dimensional Christians ministering the actual life of God, not " Life-like characteristics". As we approach the new year, my prayer is that we move into a fuller dimension of Christ, manifesting the Kingdom of God far and wide. Church is not the 4 walls of a building on Sunday and a mid-week service. The people of God are the Church Universal. One final thing, the Word must be in us if we are to declare it: Digest the Word! Only when we are out of the way can God's love be on display: Die to self! Let God be glorified. In order to demonstrate the power of God, one must absolutely depend on Him. These action verbs work in tandem. Let us purpose to live a supernatural life out of the Kingdom of God as Three Dimensional Christians!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Prophetess Vickie Lee


Elohim Koreh: God Calls

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Elohim Koreh:  God Calls

 Originally Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 10:17 PM






Elohim Koreh: God Calls




I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night.

                                           Shir HaSharim ~ Song of Songs

                                                         Song of Solomon 5:2








Grace, mercy, and peace to you, Beloved of God,

    I am just coming out of fellowship with the Lord. He summoned me to prayer. He loves to spend time with us! He will actually draw us to him. When I think about social network sites:” Pokes”, and "messages" and on-going "newsfeeds" from our various lives I note, Abba likes to be in regular touch with us, too. And not just in a set aside,“Every morning at 5:30 I pray”, type way where it is out of sort of habit, good though it may be. Abba wants us to always be ready to commune with Him. If He summons us to prayer, rest assured He has something to say, or He wants us to pray for someone, or He wants to forewarn or guide specifically. Most times He just wants to hear our voice because He loves us. Abba speaks all the time. One just has to have an ear to hear. An ear to hear the Kol Dodi , The voice of The Beloved. If you have even the slightest thought of prayer, He is summoning you! It sure isn’t the enemy having you to think like that. Stop! Quiet yourself, turn your spirit to Him, ASK Him what it is He wants to say to you. He is the head of Our faith community, the main one we should be keeping "in touch" with. Amen. FAITH BOOK. I’m just writing out of my spirit. “God if I check in with you as much as I drop by my page….”Abba desires to spend more time with His children. I encourage you to keep an open dialogue going with Him all the time. The more you are around a person, communicate with a person, and share your heart with a person, the more you pick up their ways. You know their voice even in a crowded room. You know their ways, their character, their personality, likes, and dislikes. You come to even think alike, completing one anothers' sentences. How do you get the "mind of Christ”? It’s from that communing with Him…and reading the Word. Do both at the same time. In Jewish tradition, studying the Word (Torah), is the highest form of worship. Worship Him! Purpose to respond to Abba Father when He calls. You expect Him to respond to you immediately when YOU call, do you not?!? I just want to exhort you to cherish your time with Him! What a privilege to be able to hear His summons by His Spirit, and because of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, have free access, 24-7 to Ribono Shel Olam, the King of the universe! Access to Our Father in heaven whenever we want, as long as we want, as often as we want…..Awesome. The people of God need to take advantage of that privilege. Those of us who live in nations where that is freely allowed have no excuse. When you discern that tug at your heart strings, respond to Him. You will find it gets easier and easier to discern and respond; It is walking in the Spirit. Thank you Father, for sharing your heart with us,” I miss my time with you”. God we love you! Amen. Keep drawing us with your finger of love….. Elohim Koreh….”God calls".



Prophetess Vickie Lee


Prime The Pump

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Prime the Pump

Prophetess Vickie Lee: Originally Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2013 11:29 PM


                                                      Prime the Pump

Jesus, keep me near the cross,

There a precious fountain-

Free to all, a healing stream-

Flows from Calv'ry's mountain.


In the cross, in the cross,

Be my glory ever.

Till my raptured soul shall find

Rest beyond the river.

 Question:  Are you sensing a build up leading to an anticipated change in the mission God has for your life?

I know I am in a transitional season where I can see that God has been "priming the pump" so that He can use me more effectively and more in line with the call upon my life. What about YOU?? I see some spiritual connections in priming a pump: Water pumps will run out of pressure and stop working if turned off for an extended period of time, such as over the winter. In order to get the pump working again, it needs to "primed": water needs to be flushed back into it and forced through in order for it to create enough pressure to begin pumping again. Jesus told us"Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water." There is purpose, meaning, and ministry in those waters. As the people of God, we are to have waters of life flowing through us. God "primes the pump" so that Living Waters may flow and the pump is primed in the Cross. The water is there, but have we run out of pressure? Are you compelled, is there an urgency, even a burden to get moving in the things of God? If there has been a wintry season of spiritual life or ministry, I want to encourage you to let God prime the pump so that you can flow in the Spirit again. In the natural, the operation called "priming" is when you have to refill the whole system with water. In the things of God our whole being needs to be filled with the Spirit of God! Holy Ghost water pressure is needed!

When one primes a pump,water valves must be opened. There is a power source and there is an independent water source. Let me ask you: Is your heart really OPEN to God and yielded to His Presence and Kingship in your life? REALLY open? Examine yourself: Is your relationship with Him such that you are in connection with Him as your vital necessity? Your power source? Consider your ways: Are Living Waters from beneath the throne of grace, the primary source of water flowing through your being? Just as there are many voices in the world, there are other waters. We are speaking of pure waters. Drink deeply of the Spirit of God for YOURSELF. Thank God for following leaders as they follow Christ, but you must know God for yourself! He alone can prime the pump. It may be in reading the Word, a message from that Godly leader, a prophetic word, the refrain of a hymn, in the sweet hour of prayer, or in circumstances and situations. There is work involved in priming the pump and we are to cooperate with God. Personally, I was to stay faithfully on my assignments. In some ways, it was a test to be passed. While He gave me tokens of encouragement, I was expecting more effective ministry. The thing was, and is, to keep working the assignments right where I am. God is priming the pump! Many times, in difficult situations is where our faith is increased. Don't be discouraged! God is working that pump to draw waters from a deep well. The whole time He is applying the needed pressure, drawing out the living waters.His hand in yours and mine awaiting the bursting forth of giftings, the anointing, the Kingdom! When I think of priming the pump, I can almost hear the squeaking of the lever, crying out for oil. The oil of the anointing of God! It may not necessarily be comfortable to the flesh because those "healing streams" flow from Calvary's mountain: Crucifying the flesh. Stay "In the Cross"! He is preparing you to flow! Psalm 1 reads that when we meditate on His Word we are like a tree planted by rivers of water, yielding fruit and whatever we do will prosper. His leaves shall not wither! And one thing about it, when those waters flow, it will edify that one through whom they flow and it will bless others God wants them to refresh. Refreshing waters and fruit of the Spirit. We cannot afford to be dry in the Spirit with withered leaves. The Body of Christ is only so strong as the members of which it is made. We all need to be "wet" in the Spirit. It speaks to life! God forbid that we should be a "dead" church! Thirst after God and pursue Him. That precious fountain is "free to all". Amen. Embrace that divine restlessness you may be experiencing: You are being primed for a transition! Stay right where you are: In God's perfect will. I think I hear the water now.......

Grace, mercy, and peace,

Prophetess Vickie Lee






Kairos: The Appointed Time In The Purpose of God

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Kairos: The Appointed Time In The Purpose of God

Originally posted:  May 20, 2012


Praise his Name, Beloved of God!

    The Word of God tells us for everything there is a season, and we must be wise and discerning enough to know what that season is. Kairos, a unique moment in time, is a special season when God’s grace is available. Grace as in a benefit given, the favor of God! Abba Father has plans and purposes for your life and for my life. We were born for a reason, we are not “accidents”, and there is meaning and significance to our lives. Purpose! “The appointed time in the purpose of God”…and the appointed time is now. A Kairos moment is a time when God acts and we respond. God’s Word demands a response from us. The question is: How are we responding to his timely word? Ah! The Word of God….did you know kairos applies to that, too? In rhetoric, kairos is a combination of the “right moment to speak” and the “right way or proportion to speak.” We have to know how to use or apply the Word of God! Timing! The “when” of a rhetorical situation .The kairos of it, so that it is appropriate and effective. The effective prayers of a righteous man avail much. We need more availing prayer! It is Holy Spirit who tells us which Word is appropriate for a unique moment. “God’s Word is ALWAYS appropriate!”, you are saying. Yes, it is! But, we want it to be effective, too. If one needs a healing, and a minister of reconciliation speaks, “This sickness is not unto death”, over them; It needs to be a rhema word, a living word of prophecy, because it was spoken in the kairos moment under the leading of Holy Spirit. May the grace/favor of God accompany that word! Kairos dictates that what is said must be said at the right time: It is “speech” times “occasion”.

Proverbs 25:11

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver


   There is priceless value in speaking the Word of God over the situations and circumstances of our own lives and, most importantly, over the lives of others. Abba Father, help us to speak a word in season! As I researched kairos, I learned that it has roots in weaving( suggesting the creation of an opening), and archery (denoting the seizing of and striking forcefully through an opening). That sounds violent, but we know the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force! The Word of God is a hammer, even a weapon of warfare and we are to deliver it in a kairotic moment in time. I am speaking of an apt word where now and eternity, the “Ancient of Days”, meet. The Word of our God stands forever and when it is delivered in the kairos of God, something happens! What the special something is, depends on who is using the Word. The “who” is the Body of Christ, the people of God speaking the Word in faith, power, and authority. It is through Christ Jesus that the Word accomplishes what God sends it to do, for He alone is the door! Jesus is our hope of glory. Any door “opening” Kairos moment, any “right, opportune, supreme moment of time and/or place”, is found in Him. Not only is He standing at the door knocking as He says in the Book of Revelation, He IS the door that “no man” can close or open. It has to do with the defining kairos moment. Discern that moment! Walk through the door!



John 10:9

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. 

   Speak the Word of God and enter into his rest, sup with Him. Jesus Christ (The Word made flesh): The same yesterday, today, and forever. Time and destiny meet in Him ~


The Importance of Timing

In the gospel of John 7:4 , Jesus' brothers told him to take his ministry to a larger venue. "Show yourself openly and make yourself known to the world!", they told Him.( Amplified). But, Jesus said to them, "My time, (opportunity), has not yet come." Jesus was already ministering, it was evident, and in power and demonstration. But the "right time" for a next -level platform had not yet arrived.   Even the Lord Jesus Christ waited on Abba Father for a release to move. Everything we do, beloved, has to be in God's timing! Kairos! All the variables may be in place: provision, giftings, talents, skills, resources, people , and support. All systems go! Yet and still, we cannot must not move unless and until, the "right time" has come. Jesus is our example in this principle. To get out ahead of God, is a recipe for disaster. God forbid that we should have zeal, but not according to knowledge. How does one know it is the right time? Ahhh, this goes back to what I shared with you yesterday, "Be careful how you hear." As one seeks God for direction and guidance, there will be a witness, a "Yes!" in that one's spirit that it is the right time. And should that witness come, move! Move with the Spirit of God. Because the flipside of being out ahead of God ,is missing God ,due to not hearing. and obeying. This includes a response of a check in the spirit, a "NO, it is not the right time". Obedience to the "NO" is still following the Spirit of God. Though, in the natural, it may seem as though one is standing still. And I have learned no response from Father God, is a response from Father God: Stand still. When the "opportunity" Jesus spoke of does come, we want to be in sync and harmony with Father God, to move forward in HIS timing and season. In this way we can bear much fruit, be a blessing to people, and operate out of the Kingdom of God. Following our King, right on time. God's Kairos!

Heart peace!


Prophetess Vickie Lee


Empty Vessels

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Empty Vessels

Prophetess Vickie Lee: Posted on Monday, October 27, 2014 1:25 AM




          Empty Vessels


There is an interesting idiom which says, “Empty vessels make the most noise/sound." I found God in it!

It means that people who talk a lot and frequently express their opinions are often “talking loud and saying nothing.” It means to say that one is noisy because there is nothing IN there. An “empty vessel” is one whose thoughts, etc. clang around, noisily, bouncing off the walls of their intellect, mind and being adding nothing of value. In the world one is better heard if they are full of ideas, education, pride, and self. I have nothing against education or God-ideas, you understand. All good and perfect gifts come from God, including a keen intellect. It is just that the notion of an "empty vessel” in the world is polar opposite to the way the people of God see an “empty vessel”. For the child of God desires to be emptied of self, that he or she might be used of God. “An empty vessel makes the greatest sound” is another version of the idiom. Now THAT I can agree with. I am not speaking of just ANY vessel. Oh, no! I mean a vessel of gold, one used of God. For the greatest sound as of a mighty rushing wind blows through such an one, empty of self, yielded to the unction and leading of Holy Spirit. There is Someone IN there! Holy Spirit! We are talking about the gold standard of the sanctified “empty vessel”:

2 Timothy 2:20

But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.

A vessel of Gold is empty of self! How many times have you heard a minister of the Gospel pray,”God all of you and none of me”? Oh, my! We need to hear from God! We need to hear the “greatest sound”! Even Jesus said it was not HIS teachings, but God’s which had such an impact. My teaching is not My own, but His Who sent Me. John 7:16. It was in the power and authority our Father in heaven had given Him. Jesus did not speak on His own, so empty of self, and yielded to God was He. Ah! To be so empty that God gets all of the glory! But how to get there? One way to be emptied of self is to come to the end of ourselves. Lord Jesus! That can be a process. We have to learn to depend on no one, but God! He is to be the anchor of our soul. Now you understand that that comes about only as we lean on have faith in, rely on, and trust in the Lord through a myriad of circumstances and situations. There are no two ways about it. Surrender to the process of purification of the gold. It is about God building character in us. In the Kingdom, character takes precedence over gifting. I remember that early on in my walk with the Lord, he told me,“I have chosen you in the fire of affliction.” Ouch! A perfect description. But, Jesus walked me through the fire! Just as He faithfully walks YOU through. He never forsakes us. Bless God!

Isaiah 48:10

Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.

It is a refining process, Beloved. I would be less than candid if I did not tell you it does not feel good to have the dross, the “works of the flesh” burned off. Any attempt to end the discomfort only prolongs the process. It has been called "redemptive suffering" and the only way "out" is through. There is no way to skip over the process. It is a work of God and it can take years. It is specific to us as individuals and it is life-long, in that we may have to “re-visit" some areas, as needed, sometimes. There may "wilderness" experiences and there is no way around that: You can only get over it by obediently and humbly going through it One can have a call on his or her life, but does not want to let God take them through the process of emptying them of the gunk of which keeps them from truly shining to the glory of God the Father. Specifically, the dross/gunk is:

Galations 5: 19-21

Now the doings (practices) of the flesh are clear (obvious): they are immorality, impurity, indecency, Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger (ill temper), selfishness, divisions (dissensions), party spirit (factions, sects with peculiar opinions, heresies), Envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you beforehand, just as I did previously, that those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Let me encourage you to cooperate with God. Surrender! But remember you are going for the gold! Only God can assay as to when one has reached that point. Yes, it is a refining process and it is worth it! If any of that stuff,the doings or works of the flesh, floats around in our vessel, we cannot make the “greatest”sound which shouts “The Kingdom is come near to you.” Beloved, “The Kingdom of God is within YOU.” In your hearts, in the midst of you, among you, and surrounding you. That is not me talking, but I quote the Lord in Luke 17:21. We have to grab ahold of that because in this hour, God-prepared and trained, vessels of gold, ministering and living out of Kingdom power and authority, is sorely needed. A people making a “sound” which issues from the very heart of God! A people inspired by Holy Spirit. Empty vessels boldly speaking the wisdom of the Word of God. It may be passionate, fiery, anointed, and yes, sometimes loud, but it is not just “noise”. That is how folk get healed, delivered, and set free. For the very power of death and LIFE is to reside in our tongues. Consistently! In the Body of Christ universal! Bless God! In Africa, Antarctica, Asia, (glory!) Australia, Europe, ( Hallelujah!) North America, and South America, (Thank you, Jesus!). Empty vessels fit for the Master’s use! Doing the work of the ministry right where we are: at home, work, school, the bank, grocers, with family, friends, neighbors, friends or strangers. Whenever and WHEREever, may God use us mightily! Amein. But what do I have to DO, Prophetess?

Same question, same answer right in Holy Scripture:

John 6:28 - 29

Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

There is no great mystery here, is there? Just love Jesus and nurture your relationship with Him! I have written many times that everything flows from that love relationship with Him. We MUST understand that no Spirit infused, gold-standard, effective, long-term ministry is going to come, apart from that. It is simply the truth:

1 Corinthians 3:11-13

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. [emphasis mine] Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.

Dear ones, if you would be an empty vessel, emptied by God that is, yield to Him. The foundation of godly character is forged in fire. Gold is only purified in fire. There is a heat in crucifying the flesh to a state of emptiness and absolute surrender to Him. You say you want God to use you? You say there is a call on your life? Well, it is so true that the higher the call the deeper the foundation. You say you want MORE? We cannot MAKE anything happen. Yield to Him!! The more time we spend with Him, the more we become like Him as we acquire the divine nature and character of God. In communing with Him, He is imparted to our very beings. It is "within” us and it is a treasure!

Proverbs 8:21

That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

Beloved, we need to be emptied of self and leaning not to our OWN understanding so that God can fill us with heavenly treasures. A weighty "substance" of the oil of his anointing to pour out to others. That cup King David spoke of as "running over“ is more than a cup in our hands, it is to be US in our whole being! Now that is an overflow! May you be blessed by the lyrics from the Rev. Milton Brunson’s song, "Available to You"

Lord, I’m available to you,

My will I give to you

I’ll do what you say do, use me Lord To show someone the way

And enable me to say

My storage is empty And I am available to you

Ruach haKodesh! Holy Spirit,“enable” us to say with the mouth of an empty vessel, with an undivided heart, with a pure motive,

in spirit and in truth "My storage is empty. Lord, I am available to you!" Have your way, Oh, God!

Geshem B’rakhot (Showers of blessings!)

Prophetess Vickie Lee